Personalize Your Fantasy

A personalized fantasy story where your ideas come to life and you and your partner are the main character.

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Live Out your Wildest Dreams

• Be anyone • Go anywhere • Do anything


Discover a Deeper Level of Intimacy

• Embrace the Forbidden
• Awaken your Darkest Desire
• Spark your Romantic Imagination

Personalized Profile
For Your Eyes Only!

• Fill out a confidential, sexy survey: the Personalization Profile. It’s fun! You might even learn something new about yourself. No one else will see My Fantasy Book unless you show them. Your Personalized Profile is confidential, even from your own partner.

Your story is created exclusively for you and your partner based off your Personalization Profiles.

• Create a fantasy for yourself! You do not need a partner.


My Fantasy Book is handmade from scratch.

• Individually written with thought and care.
• Hand- sewn and hand- binded
• Printed in house
• Every book is different and unique based on the personality of the story

The handmade book is part of the personalized My Fantasy Book experience!


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